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access to the body. it will take some time to package the victim up, and then also to bring him out. there's two options that they're looking at right now is to carry him down a rugged creek bed or to take him back up the way that he came down. >> retrieving the body is expected to take at the very least one to two hours, and the only other information on the victim is that he's a middle-aged male. now, the body had been left untouched for the coroner. again she's on the scene and is expected to give her approval to remove the body. we're at alum rock park, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. police investigating a deadly crash this morning involving a stolen vehicle and a driver who allegedly tried to run down an officer on blossom hill road. this happened just after 11:00 last night. an officer was conducting a traffic stop on capital expressway when a dark suv swerved and tried to run right over that officer. the officer ended up following the suv, and the driver of the
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automobile tried to get away but ended up simply losing control on blossom hill near monterey road. that suv flipped over and crashed right into a ravine. >> officers were able to make contact with two juvenile females who exited the vehicle. they went down the ravine and contacted the suspect driver who was ejected out of the vehicle. they took him into custody. san jose fire was on the scene almost immediately. they tended to the suspect but he died from the injuries sustained in the vehicle accident. >> the two ladies were taken from the car and taken to the hospital. they're both expected to survive. police say the suv was a stolen vehicle. that scene, it cleared up just a few hours ago. we have new details this morning about a deadly ferry crash over the weekend. officials have now released the name of the person who died as well as another person who was recovering after being hurt following that crash between a speedboat and a golden gate ferry heading from sausalito to
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san francisco. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the ferry building with the new details for us. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. the marine county sheriff's office tells us that the man killed in this weekend's boating accident was harry hoelzhauer. he's a 68-year-old man from just outside portland. he was down here visiting his friend who happens to live here in the bay area. both were on their friend's boat. and it was hoelzhauer who was piloting it when it collided with a ferry saturday afternoon. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow to determine what was the cause of the death, whether it was the impact itself or a prior medical condition. they interviewed the friend who is at marin general who is recovering from his incident. he was communicative and remembers everything up to the point of the collision, but coast guard will not release details until they wrap up their investigation, which could be several days more.
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their 22-foot boat was report lid speeding when it collided with the "ms san francisco" on it way from sausalito to the ferry building. the accident happened south of t tiburon and raccoon strait. video shows heavy damage to the front of their boat, especially by the wheel where he would have been standing. none of the people on the ferry were hurt. the five crew will be drug tested and placed on administrative leave which is normal practice when an accident like this takes place. the coast guard did ask us to ask you if you were out here, you saw anything, you're a witness to this, they'd love to hear from you. reporting live at the ferry building in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> well, this morning fire investigators still working to find the cause of an apartment fire that happened over the weekend that tragically killed a 10-year-old girl.
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carolina godfrey was trapped inside her apartment when that fire swept through the building on saturday. sadly, she was the only one who did not make it out. last night her mother, friends and neighbors, they gathered to grieve outside of that apartment building. her mother, well, she says she cannot help but feeling pangs of guilt for what happened. >> i thought i got all the kids out. didn't know she was the only one still up there. now as a parent i feel bad that i wasn't able to go back in there and get her because they wouldn't let me go back in. >> talk about heartbreaking. the fire ultimately left 22 people homeless. two firefighters did suffer minor injure, but they're both expected to be okay. >> san francisco police releasing a new sketch of the man they say beat up two women in separate attacks in the mission district. this is the man they're looking for. they say two weeks ago a woman walking on bartlett near 23rd street passed this man. he apparently punched her several times, then ran off. two weeks before that, a woman
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was beaten to the ground just after walking past him. police say he slammed her head into the pavement. people we talk to say they're surprised by the attacks. >> like the tender line and downtown is completely different. but in areas like this or even in the mission -- i live in hayes valley so it's quieter, but there's always people out. so you don't think that that could happen. >> others say they had not heard about the attacks and plan to be more aware in the area. police do not believe robbery or sexual assault was the motive. and police in east palo alto right now need your help trying to find the gunman who shot a homeless man several times right in the leg. officers found the 30-year-old victim in the front yard of a home on runnymede street near university avenue on sunday afternoon. so far police say a car linked to that shooting was found nearby, but also no arrests have been made. and the motive at this point is still unknown. if you happen to have any information surrounding this case, you're asked to please call palo alto police. >> a warning to students at uc
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santa cruz after a young woman is beaten and raped on campus. the woman was attacked 12:30 sunday afternoon on a wooded path near the upper quarry ampitheater. the woman managed to call 911 after the attack. she said the attacker is a stocky white man in his 30s with a dark full mustache, also a goatee, also has a tattoo on his upper right bicep. he was wearing a dark blue t-shirt with lettering on the front. a black belt wa silver buckle and oakley style sunglasses. you can see here dark clouds rolling in to the bay area. these are looks at san jose and san francisco definitely starting to look gloomy as we are now on storm watch. let's get right to meteorologist christina hey, yeah, good morn you. did you get outdoors yesterday? >> yes. >> yes. >> what a difference a day makes. we need it, at least it's happening while we're at work.
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if you have the day off, though, i'm happy to tell you it won't rain today. we'll hold off on the showers until tomorrow. you can get out there. it's still cold. you need the heavy coat, but you can leave the umbrella at home at least for now. at this time yesterday we were already in the mid-60s in many cities across the bay area. a significant drop-off in temperatures. we're expecting a difficult drive to work tomorrow, the bulk of the moisture is slated to come through in a 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. window. then we'll see our snow levels drop off, then a cold blast following in behind it. we're also expecting the development of isolated thunderstorms, some strong enough to produce that pea-sized, dime-sized hail. i'm watching these thunderstorms. it looks like we'll see a little bit of hail in the bay area. the best chance will be in the higher elevations in the afternoon. afternoon to the evening hours, though, once we start to stabilize, we'll start to see a little bit of sunshine and then a dry stretch ahead.
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but it's going to take a while for that cold air to mix out of here. so it's going to be a cool, damp week overall. >> time for me to get my uggs out again. >> the comfort, chowder, the uggs. >> i'll have to hang out with you two when it rains. in just in. the longtime owner of the lakers and the man who injected showtime into the league has sadly passed away. jerry bus died this morning at cedars-sinai hospital. he'd been hospitalized for an undisclosed type of cancer. if you recall, he bought those lakers back in 1979 and under his other thanship the team exploded, won 10 nba championship and the phrase "showtime" became a mark of the team's high flying style out on the court. he was 80 years old. still ahead at 11:00, a popular item on the menu is a focus of a nationwide recall. these guys are rigorously putting in hours to get our
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uniforms in our lockers. >> also we'll drop in on the unsung heroes of spring training and give you a look inside of the staffers keeping all that giants gear in line down in scottsdale. that's just ahead. markets are closed today, but that doesn't stop a lot of people worrying what will happen later this week.
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we have a spinach recall to tell you about this morning that's affecting 39 states including california. taylor farms announced it is voluntarily recalling some of its organic baby spinach due to a possible e. coli contamination. the spinach was sold under several different brand names. we've listed them here on your screen. they were packaged in 5 to 16 ounce trace and va best buy date by february 24th. taylor farms says anyone with
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this spinach in their refrigerator should throw it away. there's a bump on the road in washington as it tries to come up with a new way to deal with immigration. while a small band of democrats and republicans are currently working behind the scenes on a compromise, someone leaked a white house plan, one that's different from what some lawmakers are looking for. tracy potts is on capitol hill with the latest. >> i'm happy with the president. she's gi he's given us the space and i'm optimistic. >> reporter: but others are warning president obama to back off after someone leaked a white house proposal that would immediately protect 11 million illegal immigrants and allow them to become citizens within eight years. it does not guarantee what republicans want -- border security first. >> that tells us that he's looking for a partisan advantage and not a bipartisan solution. >> this is the president torpedoing his own plan and shows me that he's really not serious. >> reporter: the white house says it opposal is a backup plan for the group of eight working
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behind the scenes on a compromise. >> if those do not work out, then we'll have an option that we'll be ready to put out there. >> reporter: but republicans insist this leak was no accident. >> does the president really want a result or does he want another cudgel to beat up republicans so he can get political advantage in the next election? >> reporter: the gop says the white house proposal would be dead on arrival if it came up for a vote today. but congress won't be back until later this month. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. to business and tech, the nook was supposed to save barnes & noble, but scott mcgrew says there's ab plot twist that may do the very opposite. >> yeah, good morning. the nook a perfectly fine device, great for reading an e-book, but it just cannot keep up with the ipad and the kindle. amazon, apple constantly upgrading their devices and outspending barnes & noble as far as advertising goes as well. so the book seller has warned the nook could cause more than a
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quarter billion dollars in losses for the financial year. now, barnes & noble was supposed to report its profits tomorrow, but it's since delayed that. that's never a good sign. it's not the only company to delay. tesla was supposed to open it books last week before it also unexpectedly called a time-out. the new day is wednesday. key number, how much working capital tesla has. that's the total amount of money on hand, not counting people's deposits. now, the markets are closed today. stock markets closed for washington's birthday, not presidents' day. the equities market very traditional and points out that presidents' day is not an official name. so they go by washington's birthday. back open tomorrow, then tesla wednesday. >> when you're world champions  of the baseball diamond, you have a big fat target on your back. the giants at spring training working very hard out on that
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field. >> there's plenty going on behind the scenes, off the field as well. let's head down to tucson for giants spring training with lawrence scott. >> good morning. you know, long before the giants arrived here at spring training, the clubhouse had everything in place. some of the guys that helped put it all together have been with the team for decades. some of the most dedicated folks in the organization. take a look. the unsung heroes behind the heroes the fans think of when they think of the giants are the guys that help make sure everything is in place and the players have what they need to get the job done. mike murphy and his crew work hard to get it right. the players notice that they never notice anything missing. >> it goes to show how much hard work these guys put in, because so many guys are coming in and out of here every year. these guys are rigorously putting hours in to get our clothes back in our lockers where we need them, to the point that that is not even a complaint issue. that's just the way it is when you get up here in this organization. >> one of the giants' staff who
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is the visiting manager at at&t park lets his loyalties be well known with several new tattoos. >> i wanted to get another one because it's been my living. so after 68 years old, i figured it was time to do it. after the first ones, this year i went down to get the other one down in san mateo. >> just one of the many signs that this team behind the team is proud to be part of a championship effort. >> the efforts all part of getting the giants ready for the start of cactus league play here saturday with the giants taking on the angels. that's the scene from arizona. back to you in the studio. >> lawrence, thanks. was that lincecum? >> tim looks a lot different with the short hair. kind of wide eyed ready to go. i guess he's still the freak. we'll see if he has it back together this year. how is mother nature treating us right now? >> well, she's doing us dirty.
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depends on how you look at it. we had such a beautiful weekend, it's hard to take the 20-degree drop-off in temperatures and the rain, but we need the rain. it's that time of year when we start worrying about our summer water supply. take a look at mostly cloudy conditions. you can actually smell that approaching rain from san jose. but it will hold off. temperatures sure are crisp. 49 in san jose whereas we were closer to 60 this time yesterday. 50 degreeses in livermore. as wehood throughout the day today you'll probably notice the winds picking up in your neighborhood. they'll continue to do so. downright gusty by tomorrow morning. west/southwest at 21 miles per hour sustained in fairfield. that's a pretty strong wind. hold on to your steering wheel especially over the open water bridges with that frontal passage. 56 degrees. that's it for you today in livermore. and 57 degrees in gilroy. highs coming in at 3:30. days are getting longer.
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so the weather is getting a little bit better. we're warming up slowly. however, it's still going to be tough after all this cold air comes through for that warm air to mix back in. so temperatures going to be cold just about all week long. a few thunderstorms on the way tomorrow. hail and lightning possible. temperatures will tumble into the low 40s. tomorrow those are your highs in the 40s. then we'll see those snow levels drop off, potentially down to 2,000 feet, maybe to 1500 feet. depends how it all works out. we stop the clock on your futurecast. showers at that point still north of the golden gate bridge. we continue that futurecast, 7:00 a.m. the cold air settles in. your snow levels will drop to 2,000 feet. by 11:00 a.m., the bulk of the moisture comes through. just an indication of how cold this air mass is. by 2:00 p.m., starting to turn more showery. we're done with the straight, steady rainfall. then as we head throughout the second half of your tuesday through to early wednesday, that cold blast settles in.
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we could be talking about potential records on wednesday morning. look at what a difference just a couple days make. yesterday, the 70s, today back to the mid-50s. tomorrow the upper 40s. then wednesday into thursday, like i said before, it's going to take a while, even with high pressure building in. we'll be at 60 by friday, then a nice warming weekend ahead. sunshine comes back out saturday and sunday. back to you, jon and marla. >> thanks. i know she said that we're 30 days away from spring. >> the countdown is on. >> hang on tight. coming up, public pressure has caused maker's mark whiskey to rethink a recent plan to change it formula. here's a little something to toast. danica patrick making history on nascar's biggest stage.
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welcome back. liquor lovers all over the world celebrating a kentucky classic keeping its original flavor down to the last drop. a new decision, a major backlash from customers convincing the producer of maker's mark to reverse the decision to cut down on alcohol in its bottles. just last week the company announced plans to lower the alcohol from 45% to 42% because of a supply shortage. but after an outpouring of those who toast the beverages on social media, the company says it will restore the alcohol content back to its original level. one of the most dangerous sailing trips in the world has ended right here in the san francisco bay and in record time. the rating yacht maserati is docked in the bay this morning. it just traveled 13,000 miles from new york around cape horn off the southern tip of south america. the crew completed the trip in just over 47 days beating an old record for a single-hulled
11:23 am
sailboat. beating the previous mark by 11 days set in 1998. the nine member of the masser atty's crew say it wasn't easy with waves as high as 50 feet. >> wow. got to get it done. speaking of fast, when we return, she has the need for speed. >> danica patrick is not only the fastest woman on wheels any more. we'll explain.
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>> he's funny. so she says her dad taught her to be the fastest driver, not the fastest woman driver yesterday danica patrick was just that when she made history in the fast lane. she became the first woman to qualify in the top starting position for the daytona 500. >> let's say she has it going on. claiming that pole yesterday posting a lap of 200 miles per hour. checked in at 196. the four-time daytona champ jeff gordon came close to knocking her off. still couldn't do it. until now no other woman has
11:26 am
qualified higher than ninth at daytona known as the great american race, the daytona 500 is the first race of the season and the grandest stage for the sport. patrick now goes for the victory. that would be the ultimate coming on sunday. >> 196, that's like me heading into work in the morning. >> fast.
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